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Individual Fiddle Items

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Bendy Frogs (Pack of 2)
Pack of 2 Bendy Frogs. Excellent fiddle item or giveaway. ..
Inc. VAT: £3.00
Bendy Men - Individual Colours (Pack of 8)
A pack of 8 Bendy Men in a single colour of your choice. Simply select the colour you w..
Inc. VAT: £17.40
Bendy Men - Multicoloured (Pack of 8)
The Bendy Men - Multicoloured (Pack of 8) contains the following items: 1 x Green 1 x Yello..
Inc. VAT: £17.40
Bog Eyed Bugglies
Stretchy, squashy worm-like creatures with immense appeal. Two large, cartoon-style eyes peep out..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Colour Spring - Rainbow
Make your training memorable. People can't resist playing with these and returning to their childhoo..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Expand A Ball
It's a multi coloured plastic ball that expands and contracts as you throw and catch it. The Expa..
Inc. VAT: £3.90
Fidget Cube - Random Colours
One palm-sized cube, a multitude of options for fidgeting hands. Spin, press, twist, click...the ult..
Inc. VAT: £8.34
Fidget Spinner - Individual Colours
The Fidget Spinner  - a nifty little tool to occupy fidgeting hands and relieve stress. ..
Inc. VAT: £7.14
Flashing Spikey Air Ball
Spikey, rubber, air-filled ball. Great sensory item. Colourful, engaging and fantastic to fiddle ..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Fuzzy Tangle - Multi Coloured
The ultimate fidget toy. Tangles are used to stimulate creative thinking and to aid focus and concen..
Inc. VAT: £5.10
Glitter Wand
These 30 cm glitter filled plastic tubes are a great visual creative table toy and sensory tube. Gre..
Inc. VAT: £5.99
The fidget toy that twists, spins and rotates. A 9cm diameter fiddle toy with 4 brightly coloured ri..
Inc. VAT: £4.20
A must for every training room. These plastic hand clappers provide a great solution for encouraging..
Inc. VAT: £0.90
Head Massager
A wonderful destresser!  Have you ever tried one of these?  A wonderful way to take a m..
Inc. VAT: £4.20
Inflatable Dolphin
Dolphins are one of the worlds most intelligent animals. This item can be used to explore what we ca..
Inc. VAT: £2.70
Inflatable Neon Monkeys (Pack of 6)
These 20 inch inflatable monkeys are a great visual demonstration of the time management/delegation ..
Inc. VAT: £15.00
Koosh Ball - 11cm
Back in stock the favourite 11cm Mondo Koosh Ball - this is the biggest Koosh Ball available in the ..
Inc. VAT: £11.99
Koosh Ball - 8cm
Koosh balls - easy to pick, hard to put down! They come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colours a..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Magnetic Rattlers (pack of 2)
Rattlers the powerful magnets. Great stress reliever. Extremely powerful magnetic force. To..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Mini Smile Springs (Pack of 6)
This pack of mini springs are great table toppers for all creative workshops - ideal for affordable ..
Inc. VAT: £2.39
Play Doh Mini Tubs (Pack of 10)
This pack of 10 individual mini tubs of Play Doh is perfect for any modelling activity. Great a..
Inc. VAT: £9.90
Porcupine Balls Neon (Pack of 36)
Great value pack (36) of porcupine ball table toppers perfect for any creative training or class roo..
Inc. VAT: £10.79
Puffy Animals (Pack of 4)
4 pack of soft and squishy air-filled ball animals. They're covered in rubbery hair-like tendri..
Inc. VAT: £9.59
Rainbow Orbit Ball
Tangled mesh of colourful rubbery shapes knotted into a super bouncy ball - simply throw it, catch i..
Inc. VAT: £3.00
Round Tuit
Our unique Round Tuit is back by popular demand. Made from stress ball material the Tuit’s really ca..
Inc. VAT: £2.70
Smiley Jumper (Pack of 10)
The Smiley Stress Jumper will ease stress and brighten your day every time you look at it.  ..
Inc. VAT: £12.00
Tangle - Gold
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £4.74
Twist and Lock Blocks
Brightly coloured Twist & Lock Blocks make great pocket-sized fiddle toys. The brightly colou..
Inc. VAT: £1.80
Stretchy Stress Cheese and Mice
Two little mice and a block of cheese are waiting for you. The Stretchy Mice and Cheese stress re..
Inc. VAT: £4.79
Tangle - Individual Colours
The Tangle - 18 links of coated plastic that are hard to put down! The Tangle fits neatly into the p..
Inc. VAT: £3.30
Tangle - Metallic
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £4.50
Tangle - Textured
The Tangle - easy to pick up, hard to put down!  Tangles fits neatly into the palm of your h..
Inc. VAT: £5.10